Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I won't blame you for not believing me here but I genuinely am over Knight. Seriously this time. Haing devoured HJNTIY (my bible) I just cannot be bothered to make any more effort - I've texted him and received no answer and the other day I called him and received no answer - yes, he is sweet when we meet up but he's just stringing me along because if he did like me then I'd know  - it was The Biggest Anti-Climax for a reason - because he's not my Darcy.
I haven't a clue who my real Darcy is - it was probably Knight before he went to Africa and came back all different. But there must be more than one Knight out there - right?!
So, this summer, I am officially going fishing. Hurrah!
Keep you posted when I have more time to write and am not trying to revise Geography whilst simulaneously cooking for myself (and you've seen my cooking abilities...),
Grammar Gal xx

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