Sunday, 3 June 2012

Happy Queen Day

Today is the day of the Beaver Re-union (a.k.a. the street party) and although I had moaned about it, I was actually quite eager to see how much he's changed and, hopefull, to talk to him.
But my hopes were rather different to the reality...
I had hoped that Beaver would be there and we would have a conversation, perhaps sharing a bit of Pimms, but keeping a clear and level head and reminiscing old times happily. After all, there was a stage in my life where I thought Beaver was The Bees' Knees - I thought he was out of this world and we used to talk e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y-.
I had also hoped to meet the Bangable Neighbour and some of the other modelesque boys that live in suburbia. Perhaps we'd start talking and then - BAM! Fallen in love. OK, maybe that one was a little unrealistic..!
Beaver was there. But so was his intimidating girlfriend. I feel that it is necessary to explain my dislike for his girlfriend. Let's rewind a couple of years; we were at a party in a big hall, all wearing neon and tutus (remember that phase!?) and I saw her. I remember thinking that the guy she was "dancing" [a.k.a. grinding/practically having sex with <-- that was the way all kids danced back in the day, when we were 12..] with was reallllllly pretty and I found myself smiling at him like a plonker because he was so huminahuminahumina-aaah. She saw me - she looked straight in my eyes - and suddenly turned to face the guy and started sucking his face off. Bitch.
So yeah he was with her and so I didn't venture over to them. I stayed nice and safe on my side of the party. I did have a nice time though - and I met a couple of my neighbours :O As for the Bangable neghbur; I couldn't find him! There were a few cuties but they all stayed in their little groups and I realised that the likelihood of falling for any of them was pretty slim because we would never be introduced (unlike Pride and Prejudice, one cannot simply go and introduce yourself to strangers/start dancing with them!).

Well I better get going and do some work (fun times) and maybe I'll go back to the party later and march up to Beaver and demand he speaks to me and remembers the Good Ol' Days. Or maybe not.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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