Saturday, 2 June 2012

Failure of a human being

I do profusely apologise for the news which I am about to divulge.
I am a numpty and I did text Knight *hangs head in shame*.
BUT I asserted my role as an independent gal by only leaving 2 kisses as opposed to 3 (way to show 'em... LOL JK I'm still ashamed..)
Well, chums, today is certainly a Dress Like A 'Slut' Day due to exam stress, but I cannot find an outfit to wear that will not make me too chilly. So I'm dressing as a 'slut' in spirit.
This is the briefest of brief updates but I thought I'd just inform you about my failure as a human being.
Knight did text back though (only with "How are you" - maybe Bazz and RF are right and we should just forget Knight..hmmm...)
Keep you posted when I have more time to write and more news to divulge,
Grammar Gal

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