Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rom-coms vs.Reality

...And then Mr Darcy comes back from his trip to New York and snogs Bridget Jones in the middle of the street with loads of people watching.

Why can't guys do this in real life?
It's not just Bridget Jones that has raised my expectations for what to expect from a guy: it's all films. It's reached the stage's just ridiculous.
When I was out with Knight and I was shivering I was darn-right confused as to why he didn't offer me his coat like Edward does for Bella in Twilight.
Similarly, when I gave him my address for him to send me a tye-dye t-shirt to I was gobsmacked when he didn't appear outside my window with a boombox held over his head like John Cusack in Say Anything.
The fact he smokes and has a Kiwi accent also made me think he was Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, so I was suprised when he didn't spontaneously start to sing "Can't take my eyes off you" when we were out.

The point is: real romance sucks. They don't give you their coat, they don't track you down. Hell, they sometimes don't contact you for weeks.
John Hughes has ruined my life.

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