Tuesday, 8 May 2012

16 going on 36...

In a stroke of what I had thought was pure genius I gave Awesome my password for Facebook so I'll no longer be tempted to go on it.
Why am I so stupid?!
I miss the blue dominating my screen and, most importantly, it's the only way I ever talk to Knight [not that he talks to me anymore]
RockerFella thinks I should move on from Knight but I can't - surely! One does not wait for 2 years to fancy someone and then ditch them..
Not even fussy - he could just drop in a text!
Oh, life. It seems I am destined to be a whiney, single thirty-something who will mope around and yell "WHY DOESN'T HE LOVE ME?!" to random strangers..

Bazz and I were talking today about the whole Boyfriend Complex; she's the same as I was- as soon as a guy likes her she doesn't like him anymore. So maybe it's not me who had the committment issues. Maybe it's a life lesson drummed into us by the Convent when they show us that male company is not necessary for life.
Speaking of male company, today I saw the Rat Pack all together. Must admit I did swoon a little bit..!

Keep you posted,

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