Saturday, 5 May 2012

The road to popularity is paved with good intentions

Well, GrammarGal, today you have been given a choice.
What would you do if a popular boy told you he wanted you to meet his friends?
For me, there's a guy (let's call him Z) who I used to be extremely close to - we'd text all the time in yrs 8 and 9, then he became majorly popular, dates S (the really pretty and nice one) and we "drifted". Firstly, people don't drift. Lilypads drift. People are pushed apart.
Well, anyways, we started talking yesterday and it's been really nice to catch up. And now he's told me that next time I get the bus I've been "invited" (his words not mine) to the top bit of the bus (where the cool kids obviously hang) to meet his friends who I'll apparently "like".

I like being invisible. Being invisible is awesome - if you have mascara smudged across your face and you're invisible like me, then nobody would care. You could just carry on with your life. If you're popular and you have mascara down your face then people will think you're
A. Emotionally unstable
B. Going down a downward spiral

1-0 to obscurity!

On the other hand, the popular kids spend their time out and about, getting wasted and sleeping with each other.
I spend my time organising my post-its.
1-1 it's a tie!

So the moral of this story is, if your X has run away, then there's always a Z to hang out with!
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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