Friday, 4 May 2012

Pretty Couples - Round Two...

Remember that time that I thought life was dandy? I thought I had a pocket fulla sunshine, because my Knight had supposedly rescued me.
Alas, no. This Knight of mine is not available until summer, which feels like the biggest anti-climax in the history of ever. Can you imagine Elizabeth Bennet having to wait for, say, 2 months before she and Darcy got together? Exactly.
Well as well as taking that glowing feeling out of me, the lack of conversation has made me bitter. And so the war with the pretty couples keeps waging on...
Today on the bus there was a beautiful blonde girl whom I recognised from my sixth form. She's genuinely lovely and she was just sitting there being stunning. Then, suddenly, a boy swoops down and sits next to her and, before you know it, they're eating each other's faces. Great.
Oh, pretty couples, who do you do this? Why can you not find a secluded corner in the middle of a desert island in a parallel universe to have your public displays of affection. Us singletons just feel like ripping our arms off and throwing them at you when you snog your perfect-looking boyfriends in front of us.

I know this is just my being cynical, but when a guy professes his love for you and you both agree you are very much infatuated and then he doesn't call, what's a girl to think?!
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