Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Nunnery Agreement is working better than expected. But this isn't just because I've renounced all men and deemed them scum; it's not completely by choice that I'm a teenage spinster.
Today I was at the station and I came to the depressing realisation that summer is the season of love. I saw all types of couples: old couples, teenage/awkward couples, cute couples, passionate couples and, of course, Pretty Couples. It was a depressing sight. Even more depressing is the fact that I am only capable of attracting flies. And that is most certainly not by choice since I have a mini-heart-attack whenever I see one zooming towards me.

Sigh. So maybe I'm not a nun by choice - it's just how things are going to be! Until...three/four weeks' time where, if Knight still hasn't called (he literally has no excuse now his exams are over the Bastard) I will go Fishing (metaphorically of course - I would rather eat my bra than go near a sack full of maggots..)

Keep you posted.
Grammar Gal

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