Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beaver re-union: brilliant

Cannot believe how long it took for my computer to load. Has not improved my mood. Other than realising that this summer will not be as amazing as I had anticipated because my Knight is going to be in Reading with his ex and shall probably not attempt to contact me because he's a Knob, I have also had the bombshell dropped on me that I'm going to the street party. I reeaaallllly want to go - I actually cannot wait; finally it shall no longer be cold in suburbia and we may even come face-to-face with the bangable neighbour. So, why is it a bombshell? Of course I had forgotten that Beaver lives down my road and of course he will bring his girlfriend (the blonde curvy one that we envy and therefore despise) so it will be beyond awkward. God, to think that I used to fancy that boy (*cringes*). Sigh.
Note to self: NEVER become romantically involved with anyone that lives down your street.

Oh and I resemble a drowned rat right now - it's just pissed down with rain for no apparent reason other than to make my already not-so-great-day (I had a Physics GCSE. Enough said.) even worse.

Rant over - I promise! Shall be mellow as a marshmallow next time :)
Grammar Gal

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