Monday, 9 April 2012

Sleep deprivation + twitter = uneventful day

Have been left under the "supervision" of my sister to help me with my sonnet essay whilst the 'rents go to bed. Needless to say she has fallen asleep and refuses to help me.

Today I realised how addictive Twitter is (my account name is...*looks up* LittleMissUk_411 in case you're a curious cat). I'm hashtaging everything in life now.
Today I used the phrase "YOLO".
What has my life become?!
I'll tell you what it's become: an ensemble of late night + early morning = I've gone INSAAAANE.
All I do is loiter (I love the word 'loiter' - such a fun word...) around in my babygrow and act like a crazy kid (today this entailed cooking pasta whilst crazy dancing to a bit o' Mr Blue Sky :'] )

So, yeah, I've gone crazy. A bit like Romeo in the beginning of R+J where he's all like "this is not Romeo - oh no! I'm some other dude because I'm crazily in love with some bitch". That's me - I'm not myself at the moment.

(I warned you about the hashtags...let's hope it's a phase...)

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