Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh God. I've turned into one of those annoying women from the horror films who looks around suspiciously at everything, kicks down doors to check no-one's there are sleeps with the light on.
Only this isn't a horror film. This is safe-as-a-whistle suburbia.
I'm not sure whether to blame my sleep deprivation or my over-active imagination for my new-found fear of the dark, of open doors and of closed doors. I now find that whenever I see a closed door I am 100% sure there is a man on the other side with a knife that's ready to kill me.
I blame that Self Defence class. It's given me awful dreams about dark alleys and knives. That combined with walking in on my sister watching Saw III. Scarred for life.

On a happier note, I just saw Hunger Games which was brilliant but Gale was too pretty and Peeta wasn't pretty enough for my liking (shall say no more since no-one likes spoilers!)

Well, an evening full of work/passing out on my sofa awaits me. Such fun!
Grammar Gal xxx

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