Friday, 20 April 2012

Simmer the fuck down!

In hindsight, I shouldn't have drunk so much avec my parents - but, hey, the waiter kept filling up my glass. I'm now in that happy state where singing Sweet Dreams My LAX is essential, and calling Knight for the zillionth time looks like a fantabulous idea.
Desperate? Needy? MOI?!!
Oh I need to simmer the fuck down!
Oh, but I'm so happy!

On a completely separate note - my beautiful 'bangable' neigbour collected a parcel from us yesterday (no euphemism intended..) and he was so phwoar that as soon as he left, my sister and I put on Call Me Maybe on full volume and sang along. You can tell we're boy-deprived :L
Oh, and today there were some strapping lads in the car in front of mine when my sister was driving me home from school and they turned round and laughd (because we were singing Taylor Swift together like badasses) and one of them put on a Storm Trooper mask and it was SO FUNNY :')

Oh life is so Lalalalalalalalalala

Oh shit I have to be up early tomorrow to do some work before I go to a drama rehearsal - now, I'm fairly sure I shall not be hungover - although I'm such a lightweight that I do get hungover at a sip of alcohol!!

Adieu chums,
Grammar Gal xxxxxxxx

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