Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's all good

Part of the good news is that Knight has lost the e-mail address to this blog, so we can talk about him freely :')

Now for the brilliant news:
Last night when I had that tipsy moment, I did text Knight and asked him how he felt about me.
I was expecting him to say he likes me as a friend.
Well, I woke up this morning with 9 missed calls and a new message. He says he loves me, and I replied that I love him too.
The only slight problem is that he smokes and drinks and stuff... But, hey, nobody's perfect - and I will never smoke. Ever.
Then today he called and he's so easy to talk to!
And he said that even though he was really drunk last night when he told me he loves me, he still meant it. And I told him I felt the same.
Eeeee :')

This single Grammar Gal has finally been rescued from her tower of post-its, by her Knight in Shiny Abercrombie and Fitch.
The end.
Well, not quite, there's still space for me to cock-up the first date :L
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxx

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