Sunday, 22 April 2012

England - you gotta love/hate it

I'm shivering as I type this. For some strange reason the heating in my house only seems to work when it is baking hot. God, sometimes I hate England. The weather is the strangest thing EVER. Today, for insance, I went outside to water my Pa's plants, and it was lovely and sunny and I was singing a bit o' Taylor Swift in my PJs. Suddenly there are hailstones the size of Rolos that are falling on my head quicker than you can say "Where The Fuck Is My Coat?!".
Other than the bipolar weather, English schools give too much homework - and tests: from the age of 11 I was continutally told "this test will determine whether you will be happy and successful or a hobo". It's just NOT RIGHT PEOPLE.
Then there's the buses, where everybody looks like they want to stab you. Especially the old people - I hate the ethical dilemma of whether you should offer your seat to someone - it can go wrong if:
A. You offer your seat to a 'pregnant' woman and she's not pregnant
B. You offer someone your seat and they are a mature-looking 30 year old.

IT'S TOO DIFFICULT. If you want a seat you should have a little badge saying a sweet message like "please may you give me your seat" to which I would oblige to. Whereas, nowadays, the old people just yank you out of your seat before you can say "Do you want to sit down..?"
Don't get me wrong, I love old people - which is another reason I loathe Giraffe (he has some sort of phobia/intense dislike of old people = he is a pig). I hate teens that refuse to offer their seats to old people on the bus - I always give them scathing looks...

But, then again, England is the home of Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry, Prince Harry lives here (which is the sole reason that I am here, let's be honest!)...
Oh yeah and we have LONDON ftw! The most amazing place ever (excluding Paris, of course).
Ok, so maybe England isn't THAT bad...

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