Saturday, 18 February 2012

We are family...

It's official. I have the best parents in the history of ever. Tonight was a TOP NIGHT!!
I've just been out to TGIs to celebrate my uncle's 50th and we went in my other uncle's mini-school bus (he's a caretaker at a school and allowed to take the buses out!) to Bluewater. It was like a road trip!
On the way I felt uncomfortable because I was with my cool 20-something cousins who were laughing and loud and they're cool and cockney whilst I felt childish and posh in comparison.
Then we got to the restaurant. And my parents bought me a cocktail. Ooooh la la what a change!
I feel slightly fuzzy and happy and ahhhhhh I'm the most mahoosive lightweight but you only live once, right?
The mini-bus back was far more enjoyable with everyone singing songs, and I feel like I'm in some sort of movie :)
Now that I'm feeling so elated (I cannot call it tipsy because I havent had enough...right...?!) I must confess that I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and am feeling rather Whitney-Houston esque.
Well, my cousin has invited me to go see her in London for the weekend and I'm gonna see my sis up in Durham at some point so - yay- I'm growing up :')
I'm adamant to not do ANY work tonight and am going to do some crazy dancing in my room and watch a bit o' TV before retiring to bed.
Guten plan

Keep you posted my dearest chums,
Grammar Gal :D

P.S. A message to all of y'all : If you fancy someone then go and tell him BEFORE he goes to Africa. And when trying to "move on" don't move on to your postman who - let's not kid ourselves - is a little old...!

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