Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thank God I avoided RF...!

Yesterday I met up with one of my best friends and it was brilliant. I caught up on her boyfriend, she obviously asked me about Knight but there's really nothing to say there. I like(d) him and he no longer likes me, so we should not dwell!
But oooo cast your minds back to RockerFella, remember him? He was boring but also slimy - let's not forget the first night I met him where he 'kindly contributed' 3 beer cans into my hands, whilst asking me if I'd consider having sex with him. When laughing at him and saying no, he then proceeded to call me frigid, to which I laughed even harder at and walked away to the string of more attractive and nicer boys at the party (one of whom gave me a stream of WKD which he opened with his belt :O - what a babe).
But I couldn't properly enjoy myself because RF was following me... In the end I told him (as I tell all boys that I meet it seems) that I have a boyfriend (Knight - even though that's not true, it should theoretically make them stop trying, albeit it seems to egg them on further. Boy logic :S )
Well, thus started RF and I on our boring relationship - true, he seems like a right godawful character and I thought it was all pretense and show, because as you know he's properly DULL. But, alas, no see Yoyo (my best mate) told me that he's used girls before...
Hence, he's not rebound material and I'm glad I dodged that...
See? This is what happens when a girl doesn't have a Knight In Shiny Abercrombie - she meets leaches and slimeballs. Great. The future is looking fantastic.
Then again, I have found out from Yoyo that Knight is pretty...loose at parties. If he was a girl we'd call him a slut.
Not that it bothers me at ALL because he's a free agent and if I was in his shoes I'd do the exact same. He's been single for 2 years and that girl rejected him so he's now free to go wherever he wants and snog/sleep with whoever he chooses.
And I shall wait for a more suitable Prince Charming to save me from my Tower of homework and whisk me away. Not looking likely.
Then again, I've only ever been in love twice in my life - with Prince and with Knight.
The deal with Prince: he's funny, sarcastic (like me), cute, tall and I've known him forever. He's the one I played that game with that resulted in him tickling me to death. We love him.
BUT he's not got that bad-boy characteristic that is just huminahuminahumina-aaaaa that some certain Knobs do possess :L
Also, he's a family friend - and though my Ma and his Ma are always trying to persuade us that the other fancies the other, it seems unlikely that we'd be able to date without it being strange.
Also, he's potentially going to America in a year's time remember.

Keep you posted from the nunnery I'll undoubtedly resort to living in,
Grammar Gal

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