Friday, 24 February 2012

Yay - closure! :')

You know that feeling when you finish your favourite book and it stays with you for a long time? Well that's what I was going through for a while - with you know who... But now it's over :O
I finally got my closure, strange as that may seem.
It comes in the form of My Bible (no, not the religious one!) - a.k.a. He's Just Not That Into You - if you haven't read it then go and buy it. It's amazing. I'm genuinely in love with it.
It makes you realise that there are other guys out there that will be into you and that you should just move on. Cheesy, I know.
So, with this newly acquired knowledge I looked out of my window for inspiration, when to my utter amazement that neighbour of mine walked past. Now, I wasn't focusing on what he was wearing - hence have no idea if he's too old for me, but let's not dwell - I got a good look at his face. Rather handsome, not going to lie! No, that doesn't describe him well enough. He's like the epitome of beauty. does one get to know one's neighbour?!
Hmmmmmm.... shall have some serious contemplation about this as the day progresses. It's frustrating that he's only recently moved in; see, if he's moved in before October I could have done the classic Trick Or Treat ploy to get that boy; this is obviously where you dress up as someone extremely cool/slutty and then knock on his door and pray to God that his mother doesn't answer (that would be beyond awkward but, let's face it, more probable).

ALSO, Yoyo and I are going fishing (in the boy sense) in summer after them stupid-arse GCSEs are out of the way. Literally CANNOT wait until summer.

Also, Prom (a.k.a. the core of my existence) is coming up. Dress backless too daring? Is black too grim? Is white too young? These are the real questions in life, not whether the Postman is too old for me (although I have decided that he IS rather on the 30-something side).

Oh, yeah, and Awesome Update: she called me (wait for it) a 'prude'. Now this would be insulting if it wasn't for the fact that this is so the opposite of myself, since I constantly have boys on the brain!
So, yeah, hmmmm... Wondering why she got this impression..!
Unless it's because I turned down that drunken offer to have sex with RF having only known him for 20 minutes. Oh, no, wait that just makes me a normal human being because
1. RF is dull
2. RF is slimy
3. RF is NOT good looking
4. RF thinks he IS good looking.


Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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