Saturday, 18 February 2012

Oh Mr Postman...

Yes, the boy 2 doors down is an absolute dream (from what I vaguely remember) but - oh boy! - he's nothing compared the the postman.
I mean, he was actually beautiful. God-like. He was brunette and just gaaa gorgeous. Huminahuminahumina-aaaahhh
Now the only problem with the Postman is the Stubble Situation.
See, up until I went to France this year on the exchange, I had a rule about stubble:
- If a guy has stubble he's way too old for you.
However, in France all the sixteen-year old had stubble (and dayum it definitely looked good) so now I cannot decide if the yummy postman is a 30-year old-too-old-to-ogle-at or a 16-year-old-phwoar-yes-please...
You see the dilemma.

Gaaa it is absolutely imperative that I find my phone right now - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms D:
Also, I'm going to a fancy dress party tomorrow (literally cannot wait) dressed as Holly from Tiffanys - OMG outfit is all planned out and everything *faints with happiness* - now I just need to find the invite/ ask her where and when it is (therefore need to find my phone...)

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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