Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Boy in suburbia...

It is a truth universally acknowledged (sneaky Pride and Prejudice quote in there...) that a single boy who is tall and handsome and has just moved in next door, must be in want of a girlfriend. And this girlfriend's name must be GrammarGal.
Joking of course...!
Well, the truth is that the majority of my day has been spent ogling at him and pondering whether it's illegal to steal his post, wait for him to come come and then pounce of him, telling him the postman gave me his mail instead of mine. Then I realised that may be just a tad (as in a minute and teeny tiny bit) desperate? Pathetic? Downright weird?!
But, hey, I know you would all do the exact same in my situation. I mean, the boy isn't exactly NEW - he moved in a couple months ago but, in suburbia, that means he's as new as an iPhone 6 - I mean, nobody knows anyone down this road, so it's really no surprise that my eyes voluntarily went out on stalks when I encountered this oddity!

Now, if I were some smart and sassy American in a sitcom I may well make him "and his family" something and take it round there but there are 2 problems with this plan:
1. I'm pretty shy around new people - especially if they resemble...well I can't actually remember what he looks like precisely...but that is BESIDE the point! It's not like I'm looking for anything serious, it just makes a nice change to have a guy live down my road who is under 70..
2. I've only just mastered baking pasta and spring rolls - I think brownies may well be stretching it...!

This actually does remind me of when I was 10 years old and this boy, who was 11 years old, lived across the road and I thought PHWOAR EYE CANDY and talked to him a grand total of two times (once about bikes and the other about school) and then he left. It was so tragic - I mean, we had such a bond :L


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