Thursday, 16 February 2012

Right, so X received that note and the plectrum and said he liked this blog site :)
It seems strange talking about him now that he has the URL, so let's just pray that he's not going to read it ever again :L Nonetheless, it seems that the days of openly calling him a Knob may be well and truly over :L
Indeed, we have talked a little which is guten (as the Germans say...I think...)

Valentine's Day was fun, huh? Being the original chicks that we are, Awesome and I (and two other complete babes) watched Valentine's Day ( :O ) whilst eating ice cream. Well, I say "we" ate the ice cream, but let's be truthful, they ate 1/4 of the tub combined and I ate the rest of it. Needless to say my stomach felt like exploding.

Ack! I have to go, I'm under Desk Arrest again (although, this time it's self-inflicted after I read a depressing-arse article about students revising for their GCSEs that are 3 months away = I panicked and hyperventilated metaphorically and yahufjhfjhwd) and the parents are on the prowl...

Grammar Gal xxx

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