Saturday, 4 February 2012

The volta...

If my relationship with Knight was a sonnet, then last night was the volta. Despite my plan to get him out of my mind, I found myself listening to Magic FM in my onesie. Now, that is pathetic with a capital P...

That made me realise that I was being stupid and need to just move the fuck on. A brief conversation with Awesome confirmed her opinion mirroring mine. I mean, I have often fancied myself to be in love; in year 7 I wrote a song for a boy (Beaver...*shudders*...), in yr 8 I moped around for centuries over Prince and here we are in Yr 11 writing sonnets over Knight... Enough is enough!
So, starting today is the volta of this relationship. If he wants me he can call me, if not then fuck him (metaphorically speaking, of course, otherwise that would defeat the whole purpose of this rant..!).

Moving swiftly on...

Today I BAKED. Well, I'm not sure if it's called baking if you're just stirring pasta in a pot but STILL it's pretty exciting stuff :') That's the first thing I ever made, unless you count the microwaved chocolate (mmmm - it's so simple to make - you just stick some chocolate in a bowl in your microwave, turn it on, leave in 30-60secs and take it out, where it's all melted and yummy) and I feel like a Domestic Goddess.
Besides, who needs a Knight when you can have a Kit-Kat? Speaking of which, I am in the middle of devouring a box of them as we speak. Nom.

On another note, mes parents (sneaky bit of French in there...) have booked for my sister and I to go to New York together. I am beyond excitement. I am...overwhelmed. As in, I'm contemplating building a time machine just so I can go there now. Tiffany's, Fifth Avenue, Statue of Liberty, Central Park - I literally cannot wait!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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