Thursday, 2 February 2012

As you can tell, this was rushed..!

Some people say that when someone's in love it gives them a glow that makes them a pleasure to be around. From my experience, this is completely false. The lovelorn heroine usually feels like shit. Let's not sugar-coat it.
Possible symptoms of being in love may include:
A. Planning your childrens' names.
B. Planning your ideal Valentine's Day meal.
C. Not being able to use your brain without thinking about them.
D. Referring to them as a "bastard" due to frustration..
E. You write a sonnet/poem...

Oh, the tragic moment where you've ticked all them boxes. It's ridiculous. I want to cry and laugh simultaneously... I am an actual state.Just listening to "Wherever you will go" makes me feel godawful..!

Plan Of Action: get a grip.
Terms of this Clause:
- Stop listening to Magic FM (excluding Valentine's Day - I mean, it's a tradition!)
- Well, I'd say I'd delete him from my phonebook but I've memorised it...

Keep you posted

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