Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The plan takes a turn for the sour side

NO NO NO NO NO Ack! It's all gone horribly wrong. Here I am getting into the mood to get Knight but then BAM! I see him on Facebook with girls posting on his wall and him being in their profile picture and... agga-agga-agga!!
Then I started remembering those events which passed over the last couple of days (including me saying that infamous rhyme "Okedoke..." and enquiring not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES about the weather, to which he replied once.
I woke up feeling nostalgic this morning, for the times I used to wake up to a message from him about what the weather was like today, and so I sent him one and he DIDN'T REPLY that callous BASTARD -.-
At times like these, it's great to say "Oooh well f*ck you" and come up with a biting reply and move on to one of the line of suitors under one's power. However, no one is standing in my line. What's a girl to do now?!!

SOS, in desperate need of a Knight with Shining Abercrombie and Fitch, as opposed to a Knight who's not prepared to fight for his damsel in distress D:

If you know anyone that fits this description then you know where to find me.. ;)
But, if not, then I will have to resort to finding a playlist to listen to this Valentines Day and it shall consist of Sad FM (e.g. Magic) and I shall spend the day all alone in my room.
OR, I could go out. But with who? And where?! Hmmmm....

Grammar Gal

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