Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hippie Chick feeling lovesick...

Right, first thing's first. Afro has lost his allure due to events of last night. Last night I thought I'd have a random conversation with him but, alas, we have nothing in common (except for a mutual friend - but there's only so much you can say about them) and conversation was therefore awkward. Therefore, it's time to move on from thinking he's Sex On Legs (which he is, but then all of the Rat Pack are...) and to focus my attentions on Knight, as Awesome hinted today.

However, I first have to accept that Knight no longer feels anything like that towards me, so I have 2 options:
A. Forget him and move on after all I've read He's Just Not That Into You and this is definitely the perfect scenario...
B. Somehow work my way back into his affections and then ask that motherbrudda out!

And this time, I'm choosing option B. Because letting Knight go is the trickiest thing ever, and I think we should just go out now - Give Love A Try as Nick Jonas would sing (oh dear, Jonas reference...). 

Now we've settled this, the next topic of interest is RockerFella. What to do... He seems nice and all, but he's not my type and I'm feeling the vibe that he thinks I fancy him (after all I have agreed to meet up with him...alone - and apparently that means it's a date..?!!). Then again, I don't want to cut him loose... We shall just play it casual there. Good plan.

Then again, it's almost Valentine's Day and this year I'd like a date for once (unless you count Beaver, my year 7 'beau').

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