Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I don't know why, but I get the feeling that I talk too much. No, actually, I do know why: I get this feeling because I've just sent 4 messages to Knight about the weather. And he replied once.
Moving swiftly on...
Tonight I have had the pleasure of catching up with the guy I thought lived opposite me for a milisecond... It's FINE he lives in Orpington - all is fine with the world :'D
He's very sweet (but obvs not my type since my type is a six letter word: K-N-I-G-H-T or maybs A-F-R-O-O-O ... Just kidding: Knight in A&F all the way!) and, yeah, ahh :')
I wouldn't say he was quite at Babe status yet. He lacks Babe quality... There are very few babes...
Here's the Babe scale, in case you were wondering:
1. Top Babe/What a gent.
2. Babe.
3. Awesome dude.
4. "Cool" or "OK"
5. I hate the motherbrudda -.-

I'd say he's a 3.99 (he's very almost reached Babe status - after all he is in a band, hence we shall call him RockerFella, and he seems nice)

Ah, making new friends..
I'll let you know when it all goes pear-shaped,
Grammar Gal xxx

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