Sunday, 5 February 2012


I don't really know where to start... Last night, under instruction from Awesome, I texted Knight and apologised for rejecting him and for being the reason our friendship is deteriorating. He then told me our friendship is failing (See! It's not just me being paranoid - it's a fact!) because he's busy and doesn't have time to meet up with me, since we live so far away from each other and rarely see each other. He referred to me as an "old friend" - that sounds pretty final, don't you think? As if he wants to keep me in the past...
He also told me it isn't my fault our friendship is failing. To which I replied that I still meant my apology and (major cringe, as in I am on the floor cringing and dying inside) that I miss him (yeahfhjejvfbejv)

Surprise, surprise, he hasn't replied.

This absence from him originally made my heart grow fonder, but how can you fancy someone who you don't talk to any more? I miss how we used to be, but it seems like that's pretty much turned to shit.

No idea what to do, shall have to rely on Awesome hopefully telling me [HINT]

On a happier note, I've just walked around my block, trespassed private property, realised I have some fitt neighbours and taken a zillion pictures. Overall, a great morning. Oh, and I got a temporary tattoo - I feel so...badass :L

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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