Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Poor RockerFella (a.k.a. RF)

It's official: I'm a horrible person. I've always had some inclination of this, but here is a clear case example of this. I've agreed to go out with RF (not sure if it's a date) even though I never have and never will fancy him.
I felt godawful about therefore agreeing to this, but it's about time I went on a date for god's sake! And, besides, he now knows the whole Knight situation so it's all OK. Stop judging me! Or, if you're judging me then please remember that my iPod's "Most Played" Playlist presently consists of "It must have been love [but it's over now]", "Need you now", "[I've had] the time of my life" and "The One That Got Away".
Yeah, that's right! Pathetic Person Number One is sitting right here...
The only redeeming quality is Valentines Day - for once it shan't be spent watching Titanic and drowning in Ben + Jerry's. This year Awsome and I are having a film fest = Brilliant plan :')

So, yeah, take that and stick it up your arse Knight! OK, you may think I'm being a little harsh on the fella who is after all "busy" but, guys, it takes 2 minutes to answer a text. He's just moved on to bigger and better things. Year 12 girls, cool kids who hav done their GCSEs and don't still play on their DS's for pleasure and to whom the idea of getting high isn't laughable...

Grammar Gal x

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