Thursday, 9 February 2012

No, RF, not Valentine's Day...

When I last blogged I was feeling rather content with the RockerFella situation, but now... I thought he'd established he was The Rebound from Knight, but evidently he doesn't because boys just don't take much effort to talk to a gal unless he thinks he'll get somewhere... RF is no exception - he has now asked me twice to go out with him on Vday but I am ADAMANT - Vday shall be awesome and spent with Awesome (punny!!) and I actually can't wait for this chick-flick-a-thon. Motherbrudda, why cant RF just understand N-O- !!
Am I being harsh? Yes, of course I am - that wasn't a rhetorical question! The severe truth of it is that Knight is gone and Magic-slit-your-wrists-FM just depresses me beyond reason, yet I continue to listen to it... I need to mourn to get closure.
That's it! CLOSURE. I have no closure from Knight, so there are just so many unanswered questions and so much confusion.
He gives me vague replies, if he replies, and has ignored my declaration of love, and even ignored Awesome's drunkcall to his phone to tell him I love him (she's such a babe!). I know he no longer fancies me but I just can't move on! Not from him.
I mean, what if he was The One. I never laugh as much with any guy as with him; he pays for lunch and cinema; he's bloody hilarious; he has a Kiwi accent; he's just awesome...
And I've fucked up.
Well, enough of the plans to get mans and ploys to get boys.
Here's what we're going to do: we shall send Knight the link to this site and then he'll understand.
Except - oooooo - don't I say I want to marry him and have his kids at some point?! That was HYPERBOLE not truth...of course...
And, also, I still have his engraved plectrum from his 16th birthday.
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

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