Saturday, 11 February 2012

Culinary Genius, c'est moi

At times like this where dying alone seems probable and pining over your phone is inevitable, it's necessary to turn your attentions to something a little bit more positive.
This is rather difficult to do when you are reminded at school that your GCSEs are only 3 months away, you have a list of homework tasks to do that are as long as tree trunk and you are shivering in the little, poky room that is your study.
But, alas! There is hope! No, this hope does not come in the form of a boy - for the only boy with any particular interest in me is RockerFella who, I feel guilty and ashamed in saying, is the most clingy/slimy/annoying/boring person I've ever had in my acquaintance. I'm sure he's lovely, but we have absolutely nothing in common, and he keeps hitting on me!
But, no! The hope comes in the form of my culinary genius. I've found that when things are going wrong you have to focus on a task - a week ago when I was feeling blue over Knight I staged a Hippie Intervention and also went vegitarian (which I'm still doing by the way!).
Whilst I'm still Hippie At Heart, I have hung up my feather headband, and am now focusing on the 21st century. This comes in the form of cooking. It's a well-known fact that the only meal I can cook to perfection is melted chocolate and, on occasion, Pot Noodle. But not anymore! I can now (sort of) cook pasta, and I'm no longer afraid of the oven/grill thing! Nor am I afraid of being spat on my the hob thing!
So today I, Grammar Gal, am going to cook for myself. WOW.
Now that that's settled and done with, let's have a brief Knight Update...
Oh, wait, he has made no attempt to contact me. What a surprise! To be honest, it takes 2 minutes to answer a text so -.-

On a happier note, this Valentines Day is being spent with Awesome and two other absolute babes, so that shall be fun :)
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xx

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