Saturday, 11 February 2012

Stay away, Celine Dion!!

A challenge was accepted by myself earlier today, to make myself lunch... Well, whilst it wasn't the culinary perfection I'd been hoping for (prawn in batter and pasta) one can never really go wrong with spring rolls and potato smiles, can you?
Unfortunately, I still have not received closure from X (Knight) and I'm not sure when I ever will! I am only certain of the following things:
1. I did reject him.
2. He seemed OK about it.
3. He got himself a girlfriend in Africa and then ditched her.
4. Things became icy between us, talked slightly less.
5. I told him I loved him (and Awesome also left him a message confirming this).
6. X ignored both of these messages, and continued to ignore me.
7. Magic FM DOES make you cry, especially Celine Dion's "All By Myself" which I dutifully added to my iPod today...
8. X was The Exception To The Rule - since he was awesome, witty and sarcastic, as well as sweet, gentleman-like and quirky. I know now that there are no others like him out there, having talked to RF and realising what he, Afro, Y, Beaver, Duke and Prince all have in common - they aren't X and they are just...meh. 
9. I'm a complete twat.
10. I have awesome friends who don't mind the fact I'm a complete twat (a.k.a. Awesome and her surprisingly helpful advice)

And, thus concludes another day. Plan for the next two hours? Wallowing to "It must have been love [but it's over now]" all the way! 
But maybe after Valentines Day, where couples are found snogging at every corner of the street (except where I live, since everyone here is old..) I will finally accept that X is not coming back. Perhaps this could bring closure? Or perhaps it will bring on a tidal wave of depression, resulting in me singing "The One That Got Away" at full volume in the shower...

Who knows?! 
Wish me luck,
Grammar Gal

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