Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quick Valentine's Day catch-up

N'awww it's quite a surprise but I'm actually having a good day :O
I'm sitting here in my PJs listening to "Be My Baby" which is the most awesome album in the history of the world :)
So, yeah, Valentine's isn't all that bad when you're single - it's actually pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome, I'm going round Awesome's house later for chick flicks galore = yay!!

Right, so peace out y'all :)
Oh yeah, if I do write a post named something along the lines of "Dear Knight" then please don't read it, or don't read it and laugh at least!!
We'll see how the day goes!!

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

************************1 hour later********************************************

I feel... ugh I cannot describe it. my heart is going thumpity thumpity thumpity and not in that good way. I just did a bit of Knight stalking and he went to a party with my best friend from primary school and her friends and they're all smiling together. He's happy.
So, and I know it sounds cliche because I've said this SO mant times before.
This time I'm 100% serious. I'm going to move on from Knight. True, every boy seems to pale in comparison. However, you have to consider that the only boys I know go to the geeky school next to ours. So,maybe I won't move on straight away. But it will happen.
It's just...painful to think of how close we used to be and how "A long time ago we used to be friends" as the Dandy Warhols sung.
Now, should I give Knight this web-link/his plectrum? To be honest, I just want absolute closure from that motherbrudda - but how does one obtain this?

Suggestions would be helpful

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