Monday, 27 February 2012

The Poetry Complex

This post is going to be less about me rabbiting on about my life and more about giving advice to any girls out there who are feeling rejected/dejected/fed up/embarassed/pissed off/downright angry. It'd quite a simple rule that I've known for donkey's years really: "If you mind, let it rhyme" which is really just code for - 'if its pissing you off then make it rhyme with something'.

Genuinely it works!
An example may be...

"I'll only ever talk to that Bastard,
If I'm completely and utterly plastered"

For if you're feeling pissed off with a guy for, perhaps, not texting you back. Or perhaps he texted you, you felt a little tiny glimmer of hope and then you texted back and he didn't reply to the last text because he's a big fat stupid knob.

Hypothetically speaking of course...

Over and out,

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