Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An Aretha Franklin Day

Right, so I got on the bus today, and sat behind a random guy. Then it hit me: this is Beaver (my "ex" - but I remain adamant that we did not go out). It was very very awkward. I had nothing to do with myself! I had left my iPod at home and my phone is somewhere hidden in the depths of my room... So I just sat there and felt thoroughly awkward.
Then a man and his dog suddenly came and sat next to me, closing me in since I was on the window seat. My worst fear: being trapped with a dog which smells of fish and rain and being sat behind my so-called "ex". 
However, there was a small silver lining - it turns out it wasn't Beaver, just some random dude who must have wondered why I had been analysing him from the back the whole journey...

Today has been a really good day. You know those days where you just feel like... Aretha Franklin? Yes, today is an Aretha Franklin day. Everybody was just lovely (except Awesome, who called me a "fail of a human being" but I know she means well...I think...) and the sun was (metaphorically) shining and lalalalalala :')

Keep you posted chums :)
Grammar Gal

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