Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oh, Prince...

...why are you such perfection?
Prince, apparently, called me "hot" and now my mother is planning our wedding. I must admit that I'm feeling a little wooed since he rarely ever sees me with make-up on so it's such a compliment. However, we must analyse how reliable this source is.
Firstly, it's from my mother. This is a woman whose sole aim throughout my teen years has been to find me a nice boyfriend. Hence, the source is rather unreliable.
Secondly, it wasn't put into context. It would be nice to think that Prince voluntarily said this to his mother, but the most likely scenario was she was pointing a gun to his head and forcing him to say he thinks I'm 'hot'.
The third explanation is that he's taken one too many footballs to the head and it's blurred his vision, making me of all people seem to be "hot" when I wear drab jumpers and jeans everywhere and Dry Shampoo is my life..!

Nonetheless, there are definite butterflies in this stomach of mine. He's lovely, funny and sarcastic.
Oh, what a blissful boy!
Problem: he's not going to America in a year as I thought. He's going in SEPTEMBER :O
That is in...7 months.
So that's really sad.
Like, Titanic sad.
But, the good news is, I'm maybe going to MTFO after all :')

Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal xxxx

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