Friday, 27 January 2012

Why hello there!
Right, so my life is pretty... surreal at the moment. I won't say too much but it's just quite...weird.
My exchange left me yesterday and I actually cried. As in tears fell out of my face and I no longer think I'm an emotionless robot. This was an accomplishment for me since I only ever cry if:
A. Intoxicated.
B. Arguing with the parents, for dramatic effect.
C. Watching the last episode of FRIENDS/Marley and Me/Titanic/The Elephant Man... OK I cry in films a lot!

I had such a blast with my exchange and the house feels so empty now she's gone!
However, onwards and upwards and I've started my vegetarian regime. Well, I thought I had but it turns out that Haribos actually have meat in them, so I'll be starting the regime tomorrow...

As for the Hippy Attitude towards life... Well it would be a lot easier if Knight the Knob was returning my texts/showing any interest in anybody excluding himself. However, we shall have to Feng Shui him out of our lives and move on. I think it would be easier to move on if there was a multitude of other guys for me to move on to.

There's no point saying "There's plenty other fish in the sea" if you don't have a fishing rod.

The only thing getting me through this...stage of our friendship is my fridge. So far I have consumed a nice variety of low-fat yoghurt (Sense the tone...) but I'm now progressing towards the Maryland Cookies... Mmmmmmmm.... Who needs a man when you can have Maryland? (Ah that rhymes! :') )

Keep you posted when I can no longer fit through the door,
Grammar Gal

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