Thursday, 19 January 2012

Oh what a beautiful dayyy

Lalalalala - you know them days where you feel like singing for no apparent reason until your neighbours tell you to shut up?!
Ah, today is one of those days: everything is basically perfect :D
My French exchange est chez moi and she is just having a shower as we speak and she is so lovely and ALSO I have Knight News (he's no longer Busted because my heart is now all better - it just had a fracture, it wasn't broken!) : he's not angry at me at all, nor is he blanking me :') JOY TO THE WORLD!!
Life is awesome. The only two things missing are:
1. A tye dye t-shirt from Camden
2. Awesome - we are not in a civil state at the moment but it's complicated... D:

Also I have a "nez rouge" and am SO ILL goddammit! However, I shall survive and all is Ladida Yaddah yaddah yaddah :D
I shan't be able to talk to y'all because of my French exchange, but rest assured life is awesome.
Grammar Gal xxx

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