Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Hippie Intervention

At times like these where most of your friends are attending this party on Friday that you're not going to (and there is a LOT of hype around it, so they are obviously excited) and the declaration of love/lust that you made to a boy goes ignored and unanswered, the only possible solution seems to be locking yourself in your room and listening to Magic FM. At full volume.
But, alas, this needs to STOP!
Introducing...How to Be Hippie... It's an awesome scheme which consists of the following aspects:
1. Find/make a Tye Dye t-shirt and live in it: bright colours liven any mood.
2. Turn vegetarian: It gives you something to COMMIT to, when committing to certain boys seems out of the question...
3. Meditate and just become Zen.
4. Take a totally Zen attitude to life in general and listen to happy music, like Heart FM.
All of this I intend to do as soon as my French exchange has come and gone (next week).
With all of this is the recipe to forget about The Event Of The Year and the boy that's obsessed with Busted (Knight) who no longer wants to talk to you...
In fact, to start this New Me I shall start by giving Knight a new name: he shall no longer be called Knight (unless we make up - highly unlikely since we no longer speak) and shall instead be called Busted - because he loves the band and he's no longer the Knight I need..
Peace out!
Grammar Gal

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