Saturday, 14 January 2012


As promised, I am writing this to keep you posted on what happened last night.
OK, so by 7:15 I had downed a whole Smirnoff Ice, which usually would not be something to brag about or complain about, but its effects on me were...surreal. Within the first hour of the gathering I had already called Knight (and I was only a bit tipsy!) and declared the undying love etc etc... But told him that we are very complex beings and need to talk. Then I remember (vaguely) rambling on about elephants and..Oh I am just cringing whilst thinking about it.
When I relayed this to Mrs Nerg and Awesome they assumed I was acting tipsy and that I was actually sober (which, FYI, is totally not true) which sort of bummed me out a bit... But then I got over it and downed another Smirnoff and everything was great again.
Things turned from great to just plain weird when we played "I have never..." which then turned into "Truth Or Dare" and where most of us kissed others of us etc etc...
After that people went back to the dancefloor and some of the people there kept spilling their drinks, meaning I was constantly busy! Whilst cleaning the floor, Awesome made a joke about something or other and I was supposed to spray her top but instead squirted the stuff in her eyes.
Needless to say she was pretty annoyed and, since this was a time where I was on my 3rd Smirnoff (And I am the biggest lightweight known to mankind) I overreacted completely and started crying..!
I know - I was pretty far gone at that stage...
But, 2 of the girls there came to the toilets with me to clean my face and get the makeup off and they were just plain awesome - really darn sweet, and I now like them a lot more :)
Knight later texted me about whether I was having a party, and I replied Yes but I meant everything that I had said, and he asked me what I was talking about (maybe he didn't get the message or maybe he was just playing dumb so as not to hurt my feelings...?!!)
I can't remember what else really happened last night, bit I distinctly remember waking up and feeling like Death. I felt so ill and dizzy - the room was literally spinning.
And the moral of the story, folks, is that after 2 Smirnoffs a lightweight should just stop!
Grammar Gal xxx

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