Friday, 13 January 2012

Tis the night of Friday 13th...

Yes, y'all know what that means...
It's time for the house gathering. With me now is Mrs Nerg (since she likes to eat, move, minus the reproduction..etc) and we are "studying" chez moi.
It's all rather exciting really - about to get changed into my Classy Slutty dress so I thought I should update you on what's the happs round here.
Knight Update: The Bastard said "Happy Two Year Anniversary" of our complicated friendship...
And hasn't talked to me since...
I've made a list in my head of the things I would never usually do when I'm in a rational state of mind:
- Give Knight a link to this site [but even if I do this I'll still write openly and wont change at all]
- Go craaaazy :D

Only thing slightly annoying me is that Awesome told me some people are just using this gathering as "practise" for this girl's party on Friday - rude that I'm not invited! -.-
Keep you posted when Knight tells me I'm a freak,
Grammar Gal

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