Saturday, 28 January 2012

New New Years Resolutions

I've realised that this year hasn't gotten off to a brilliant start, what with my becoming increasingly frustrated with Knight and with the Convent putting a lot of stress on me; I'm up to my eyeballs with work.
Although, saying that, I did manage to watch Footloose last night and a thought suddenly hit me: when will I ever meet my Ren? Seriously, this is a question which had me tossing and turning throughtout the night. And I've therefore decided on a new start, and this has to start with my New Years Resolutions.
As of tomorrow, my 2012 will have started and I have some strict no-nonsense rules for a year of Zen and not a year of Shit (a.k.a. my January so far..!) This includes the following:
1. Become a vegetarian for 2 weeks and then continue this trait every Wednesday in order to become Zen.
2. Feng Shui my desk and de-clutter my life (including my locker).
3. Learn to cook something which does not require a microwave (wave goodbye to them Pot Noodles).
4. Buy a fitness DVD and workout for at least an hour every Saturday.
5. Apply for a summer job/volunteer at a charity shop in order to make a difference. NO! Wait! Better idea: work at a homeless shelter at a soup kitchen (if they exist in England - I assume they do...?)
6. Take up painting because this is well-known for relieving stress (except that guy who chopped his ear off..)

Wiah me luck!
Grammar Gal

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