Saturday, 7 January 2012

Just asking for it..?

OK, I may be asking for something god-awful to happen here but I am hosting a party on Friday 13th. Aaaahhhh! There are many things that could potentially go wrong:
a. I could burn the house down by making myself a pot noodle.
b. I could pull a Katy Perry and unintentionally invite the entire street to my house and then my house could collapse.
c. We could all get chicken pox (although the chances of that are slim since I've already had it - HELL TO THE YEAH :D )
Oh, but the list just goes on and on...!
Well, I shall be out and about today but I'll keep you posted if anything new happens,
Grammar Gal xxx

ALSO, haven't given a Knight Update in soo long so here it is:
We are friends who are probably seeing other people (the seeing is being done on his side, not on mine unless you didn't get that..).
The only place a girl can meet a guy is on the train to school, and I'm not even sure that those boys even constitute as humans - they're more like a different species, which takes pleasure ins sex jokes and are just generally vile to look at or sit near.
So, there goes that idea. I'll just stay a spinster until I go to university then. Great.
All hell is going to break loose there, I promise you...

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