Thursday, 5 January 2012


Feeling slightly outraged to be perfectly honest!
I was rather pleased that I had a grand total of 3 people following me on Twitter but one of them has un-followed me! Rude.
Well, my self esteem is now at rock-bottom *dramatic sigh*.
Please may someone put me out of my misery?!
My twitter name is LittleMissUK_41 so please follow. Oh wow I am aware how desperate that just sounded. Right, let's try that sentence again, shall we?
So, er, yeah dudes, my name is LittleMissUK_41 so, er, yeah, check it out if you want to but, yeah, it's totally cool if you don't..
^Wow I a pretty impressed at how cool I can sound :O <-- Aware this just spoiled the whole "cool" vibe I was trying to put across...Hmmmm...
Grammar Gal

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