Tuesday, 10 January 2012

It just got better and better...

There's a theory that when one aspect of your life is going remarkably well, another piece falls to shit. My day today has proved this theory to be a load of crap because nothing in my life is going remarkably well at the moment and everything was shit..
Educationally: Ooooo my parents are going to have a "serious discussion" with half my teachers on Parents Evening (SUCH FUN!)
Socially: A girl in my year is having a party and I'm not invited (not that I mind - it's just that most of my friends, including Awesome, are going...and my French exchange shall be pissed because she wanted to go to a party...)
Romantically: Knight the Knobhead hasn't attempted to talk to me at all and things are just...cold... and I really missed him today. It's very sad and I feel like yelling at the bastard, but also like crying uncontrollably...
Back to the whole education going tits-up : I am under Desk Arrest, which means I have to do flat-out work for the next millenium...
Jaysus Christ...!
Wish me luck,
Grammar Gal

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