Thursday, 22 December 2011

Told you so!

The New Me will start tomorrow when she is prepared for the miraculous changes which shall occur... So far today I have been karaoke to Whitney Houston (obviously not alone because that would be sad...) and then I realised that my neighbours coud hear every word that I am saying after my Mum came into my room and told me she could hear me whilst she was coming up the drive. I have naturally closed my curtains, switched off all lights and am pretending to be invisible. It;s going pretty well actually.
What else have I done...Oh yes, I went to the hairdresser's and got peer pressured into getting a side parting (you know, when they give you a cold stare and tell you that you can't have a side fringe without a side parting and then proceed to ignore your wishes for how you want your hair to look whilst you stay seated, mute) and was patronised not once, not twice but THREE times by a girl a couple years older than me (this consisted of: "Can you look down for me...there's a good girl", "OK, darling" and something else utterly mortifying).
I always find going to the hairdresser's really awkward: should you ask them how their day's going? My general rule now is: don't talk to them unless they talk to you. But even then it's awkward: talking to an absolute stranger about school and Christmas is just...weird! Maybe it's the awkward Brit inside me...
Keep you posted,
Grammar Gal

By the way, I did NOT handle the Knight situation well:
"Look dude, mine's [as in my blog]'s real girly and shit and talks alot about crushes etc etc... It's really not your cup of tea - promise!! 
You would read it, judge me, become paranoid and never talk to me again..."

By talking like a weirdo I have successfully:
1. Made him think I must have a string of different guys which I fancy, depending on the day (which is not WHOLLY true, thank you very much!) AND/OR
2. Made him think I don't like him enough to show him the blog.

Brilliant - and now he won't even talk to me - after two failed attempts to talk to him I'm thinking I'll let him be alone for a while...
Dayum xx

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