Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Knight is back

Silly, silly, silly me. And silly friends (especially you, Awesome). And wonderful, marvellous Knight. He truly is the most beautiful boy in the world. Ah, I feel rather weak at the knees, if I'm perfectly honest!
Knight, sweet, kind and funny old Knight, texted me back after I just asked him if we are OK, and he told me that Of Course We Are and asks me why, to which I remind him we haven't talked in ages, and he says It's Due To The Stress Of Sixth Form, and that I am a Paranoid Fool :)
Ahhh... Life is good! The New Me shall still cometh and I shall be sophisticated and speak French and sip coffee for no apparent reason. But I shall do all of this with a Knight on my arm (or a message from Knight in my Inbox at least..)
Now then, here is the dilemna: Do I want to go out with Knight?
He has told me I am Mental and that's why He Loves Me. Now there are 3 ways I can answer this:
1. The childish "No, you're the crazy one!"
2. "Cheers and I love you too"
3. "Danke and the feeling is mutual"

Please my someone comment before I make a complete arse of myself?!
Grammar Gal

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