Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Romance is dead in England..

A teenager often asks herself: "Why hasn't he sent me flowers?" Oh, wait, that's probably just me.. See, us teenage girls have such low expectations now that we don't even expect little things like flowers which automatically brighten our moods! 
I think that part of the reason for this death of romance is that boys cannot drive until they are 17. Therefore he will never be able to say "Pick you up at 8" because this would mean
a. His mum will pick you both up which results in awkward conversation.
b. If he's a learner driver he'll be all stressed out that he's doing three-point-turns etc... and the atmosphere would be ruined. 
Whereas, if he had been taking lessons since he was 15 he would be a pro by 16 and would say "I'll pick you up at 8" and then it would just be awesome.
But, alas, no. Any dates that you go on as a British teenager consist of having to get the bus/train/tube there are back - that's right, he can't walk you to your door (unless he conveniently lives down your road...oooh that's an idea...)
Therefore Romance is No More. 
Not that I mind; in some ways it's better like this with all the awkwardness.
WHO AM I KIDDING?!?! I'll be on the first plane to America!
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