Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Oh no. Brace yourself, this is bad: the Knight in Shiny Abercrombie and Fitch wants to read this blog. This makes me
a. Flattered he wants to get to know me
b. Extremely nauseous: IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM, LET'S FACE IT...
What to do, what to do...
Right, Plan Of Action: I could either
1. Set up a new blog - no that requires far more effort than I am capable of as I sit here in my woolly PJs with my melted chocolate in a cup (which is really good by the way..)
2. Tell him it's all about him - wrong answer again, since I will seem like a stalker...not that I am... Funny story though, I have to send him his present because I can't deal with the utter mortification of giving him a present face-to-face and not receiving one. Right, so he gave me his address and I did what all of us teens out there would do in this situation and I looked it up on Google Earth (I'm not strange...seriously I'm not..) and now I have to convince myself I am not a stalker - so sending him this link wouldn't accomplish much...
3. Just not reply back and deny having had the message sent - it's times like this that I'm grateful I don't have a Blackberry, otherwise he'd see that I'd received the message because an R thing appears or something...I don't know, this whole technology thing pretty much baffles me to be honest...
4. I have NO OTHER OPTIONS - any ideas would be much appreciated!!

Keep you posted,
Grammar gal

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