Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's cold in suburbia

   I live in a street filled with people who think they are wealthier than they actually are. They drive Mercedes Benz cars and look down their noses at our little Micra but the truth is that all of our houses are worth the same amount and are all rather dingy in size so we need to stop kidding ourselves!
        It's not the snobbery that bothers me down this road, it's the hostility. Here's a scary fact: I didn't know the names of either of my next-door neighbours until this year. We have lived here for 15 years.
    Furthermore, this morning a neighbour of ours dropped off a Christmas card and then scurried - literally, I could hear her high heels clicking away as she ran - back to her house!
  Is there really any wonder that I want to move away from Deathville and into Camden when I'm old enough?!
Keep you posted,
 Grammar Gal

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