Sunday, 18 December 2011

A playful party (for once!)

Yesterday I made the very real discovery that I am in love with any boy who is with me at that moment who I like. For example, I fancy Afro when I'm at school with him, I fancy Knight when I text him and, last night, I found that I fancy Prince when I'm with him, too. Prince is an old childhood chum of mine; with us both being shy around each other most of our conversations usually spurn from making fun out of my sister. However, last night (with a little dutch courage thanks to my best mate, Miss Smirnoff Ice) we had such a laugh. We played this game Jungle Speed which is like snap with loads of people (when you put down a card which is the same shape as another person's then you both have to grab this stick thing and then you win a point), and Prince and I both had the same shape on our cards so we both grabbed the stick and basically wrestled each other with him torturing me via tickling and me kicking him. It was so fun! Then when we calmed down a bit (with neither of us prepared to sacrifice our dignity or our pride by letting go of the stick), we just sat holding the stick together, until I suddenly pulled it and he reflexively pulled it harder, dragging me across the room to our families' amusement! 
Well, last night basically showed me that life without Knight really isn't that bad: there are plenty of fish in the sea. So I'm going fishing.

Keep you posted,
Grammar gal

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