Thursday, 29 December 2011

Have you met Miss Jones? I'm not surprised..

When I was 13 I realised my goal for my life: I wanted to have a Bridget Jones lifestyle - meaning I wanted to live in London when I'm older, work at an easy job which keeps me satisfied (preferably with a gorgeous boss in the form of Hugh Grant) and have a lovely joie de vivre lifestyle, full of funny incidents where I make an arse of myself and eventually bag myself a lovely Mr Darcy.

I've just finished watching the film, a.k.a. the greatest film ever made, and a thought struck me - Bridget Jones never had to take all of these exams, she didn't go to an all girls' convent, she didn't go to university and she isn't the boss in her career (which my school urges us all to be- at the top) yet she is irreversibly happy and has a brilliant social life.

With more and more of us getting "educated" it seems to be that we are losing that Bridget Jones quality in us all - that carefree, easy-going nature, because we are always stressed with exams and this shitty job market.

So, I've thought about it and I have realised that I'm not sure what I want to be when I am older - perhaps in publishing, perhaps in magazines, but I do really want a Bridget Jones lifestyle. It may sound cheesy, but my goal for my life is to have a small group of crazy and fun friends for me to have shots with.
Right, life is now sorted. Just needed to clear my head there!

Now, a message for all of you out there: Just relax. Mellow out dudes. Everyone needs a bit of Jones in their life...

Grammar Gal 

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